our december

december came in went in a blink of an eye.  christmas activities, family, and that--little puppy.  that puppy takes a huge amount of time--pretty pleased i took photos at all this month!  we stayed pretty close to home, quietly celebrated the holiday, and just took care of that little brown guy. 

this is what our december looked like.

click through to the lovely Brenda Acuncius | Dallas/Ft. Worth Child Photographer, next up in our circle of friends.


2012 favorites

goodbye 2012.  you came and went so quickly--sad to see you go.  

hello 2013.  excited to see what you will bring.



our november

our november was filled with so much.  so much love and hope, for the future and for the past.

so much to be thankful for.

oh, and that little brown guy is oliver, our new puppy.  you'll be seeing lots more of him next month.

this is what our november looked like.

be sure to visit the talented christy williams, next up in our circle, for what promises to be a lovely post.



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